common complaints about Bariatric Vitamins

5 Common Complaints About Bariatric Vitamins

Malnutrition is one of the most common problems bariatric patients run into after weight loss surgery since the body is no longer able to digest micronutrients the same way. 

Along with malnutrition, many patients run into issues with expensive monthly nutritional programs and difficult daily regimens. 

We gathered a list of the 5 most common complaints about Bariatric Vitamins:

1) Complex Daily Regimes

One of the most common complaints we hear after weight loss surgery is that nutritional programs are complex and time consuming.  Many nutritional programs require you to take bariatric vitamins several times daily.

With BariSlim, we provide a variety of different bariatric multivitamins including our once daily capsule and advanced chewable tablet, which reduces the time spent keeping up with daily nutritional programs.

2) Large Size Capsules & Tablets

Another common issue patients face is the size of the bariatric multivitamins and supplements they are required to take.  Due to the high levels of vitamins and minerals required after surgery many formulas consist of large tablets or capsules.

Several of the formulas we offer have the same amount of vitamins as competitors but are smaller in size and servings required.

3) Bad Taste and Chalky Texture

When you’re dealing with high levels of calcium, you tend to run into issues with a chalky aftertaste.  It’s also hard to mask the taste for high levels of 22 different vitamins and minerals in each formula.

An easy solution we found with the calcium tablets is to crush them up into yogurt and smoothies.  This helps take care of the chalky taste and still allows you to get the calcium needed.  We also use real fruit flavors for all of our chewable formulas which make them more enjoyable to take on a daily basis.

4) Feeling of Nausea

It’s common to have stomach issues when you first start taking bariatric vitamins and supplements after weight loss surgery.  Many patients find the easy solution is to take the supplements after eating.

BariSlim uses the highest bioavailable vitamins and minerals to help with easy digestion and absorption.  We also offer several different types of vitamins including capsules, tablets, and gummies to ensure we have your individual preference covered.

5) Not refundable

It takes trial and error finding out what bariatric vitamins and supplements work best for you.  A lot of the time you get stuck with several different formulas until you find the one you like.  

At BariSlim, our goal is to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied and that’s why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  We also offer a subscription service so that you can save money on monthly orders once you find what vitamins work best for you.

BariSlim wants to see you succeed and stay healthy, without breaking the bank. It is our mission to help all our clients on their individual paths to a healthy life.  BariSlim’s solution helps increase patient compliance, lowers nutritional costs, and improves overall outcomes for patients after weight loss surgery.

If you need any help finding what bariatric supplements are right for you, please reach out to us at

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