Bariatric Meal Ideas

Lose Weight and Enjoy Variety with Bariatric Meal Ideas


Bariatric surgery is not a one-and-done, magic solution. The magic occurs afterward when patients are willing to put in the discipline and effort required. As you recover from surgery, keep it interesting with bariatric meal ideas that encourage variety and nutrition. Sticking to your gastric bypass meal plan will provide you with the results you seek while helping you avoid nasty complications that sometimes accompany the surgery.

Know the Guidelines

Rules govern eating after weight-loss surgery.

During the initial few days post-surgery, meal ideas will be limited to clear liquids only.

The next couple of weeks will include a gradual thickening of liquids, culminating with a return to eating soft foods.

Limit soft foods to thoroughly cooked items that you can mash with a fork. You must chew well, at least 25 times, to prevent discomfort and difficulty with digestion.

A gradual re-introduction to individual foods is strongly recommended. You may find your body doesn’t tolerate foods well at first. For example, some who previously were able to tolerate lactose might find themselves unable to drink milk as comfortably.

You’ll also need to learn many new rules to follow ranging from avoiding straws and drinking with meals to leaving carbonation, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol by the wayside.

Find Recipes You Like

Once you reach Phase IV, you’ll begin introducing one new textured food at a time until you’re back to normal – at least your new normal. In reality, your diet will never return to what it was (hopefully) because if it does, the surgery will have failed.

At this point, you will need an arsenal of bariatric food recipes that you like. Available in cookbook form and on various websites, these recipes can provide a source for you to identify meals that you’ll enjoy. Experimentation will teach you what to include in your new portfolio of food.

Learn to Hack the Bariatric Lifestyle

Staying true to the bariatric life can be hard. Modern life moves fast, limiting time and zapping energy. Recipes for bariatric patients ought to include few ingredients, easy preparations, and freeze-ability. Preparing meals ahead of time saves time and will save your eating habits when time and energy run short.

Saving money while preparing for bariatric eating is easier than you’d think. Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season, and use all of what you purchase. Keep a few dated meals stored in the freezer at all times to grab and thaw. Not only will you maximize your weight loss, but you’ll also be pleased by the money saved from using what you buy and not eating out at restaurants very often.

If you’re looking forward to bariatric surgery, begin accumulating recipes! As you count down the days of your new life, you’ll need to begin preparing. Most surgeons require education about recipes for bariatric patients so that they’ll know how to succeed, but the commitment to following through has to come from the individual patient. Prepare yourself to succeed, and in so doing, you’ll stop yourself from failing.

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