Top 12 Products After Weight Loss Surgery

Top 12 Products After Weight Loss Surgery


Weight loss surgery provides obese patients with the opportunity to regain their mobility, health, and ability to seize opportunities. Preparing for the surgery itself can be difficult, though. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare for life after surgery is important.

These must-have products will make recovery easier and a successful weight loss journey more likely!

1) Blender

From the very beginning, a blender is essential to a weight loss surgery patient’s new lifestyle. Protein drinks, juices, pureed foods, and soups will be common items on your new bariatric menu, and a quality blender can make the preparation of some delicious bariatric recipes much easier.

2) Activity Tracker

Whether you choose to wear a Fitbit, an Apple iWatch, another smartwatch, or other activity-tracking devices, knowing how much you’re moving (or not moving) can keep your journey progressing. This device can hold you accountable for the level of physical activity suggested by your doctor during the different phases of post-surgery weight loss.

3) Calorie Tracker

Tracking calories is just as important as tracking movement. The various apps that you can download and use can also enable you to track macronutrients like carbs, protein, and fat. Patients who have a closer relationship to paper and pen than apps on the phone can use a small notebook to journal daily food and calorie counts.

4) Several Ramekins

Single-portion cookware/serving dishes and ramekins are ideal for meal preparation after surgery. Your new life will also generally include preparing individual meals for yourself, and these marvelous dishes make the process a great deal easier.

5) Meal Prep and Storage Containers

Pre-planning and preparation are keys to successfully developing new eating habits after weight loss surgery. These containers will allow you to prepare meals once or twice a week, making it much more likely that you reach for something healthy instead of steering into the drive-thru when the urge hits. Make sure to purchase small containers for individual portions and containers with dividers for prepping entire meals.

6) Measuring Cups

Before coming home after surgery, make sure that you have appropriate measuring cups for both dry and liquid foods. You will need to measure, limit, and track your food intake. For quite a while, strict guidelines must be followed. Discomfort and a failed surgery can follow failing to follow the instructions of your doctor and nutritionist.

7) Food Scale

After the initial phase of recovery following weight loss surgery, patients will resume eating proteins, and they’ll need a food scale to monitor and track consumption.

8) Blender Bottle

As patients proceed through their weight loss journey, a blender bottle offers the ability to mix protein shakes on the go or when electric blenders are unavailable. Your new anatomy will struggle to take in enough protein, so consuming the suggested protein drinks will be very important.

9) Spiralizer

Zoodles, noodles made from zucchini, squash, or other vegetables, will allow you to eat pasta or at least a pasta-like food. Pasta will be a no-no for most post-weight loss surgery patients, so this kitchen tool opens up a world of menu possibilities. This tool will allow you to enjoy an Italian night with your family without the discomfort and calories of pasta.

10) Water Infuser

Pepping up water with a water infuser is a great way for weight loss surgery patients to get in the required water even when they despise the taste of water. Crystal Light and zero-sugar water flavor packets are also great to have around!

11) Slow Cooker

Preparing meals will be one of the most important steps you can take for post-weight loss surgical success. With a slow cooker, you can prepare a variety of healthy meals.

12) Vitamins

Since you know bariatric vitamins will be absolutely critical following weight loss surgery, make sure to have them available prior to the event. Failing to take the appropriate vitamins will result in deficiencies due to the reconfigured anatomy of the digestive system. Speak with your doctor about the right vitamins to purchase, and make sure to follow up with lab work as needed to head off deficiencies early.

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